Yianna Samartzis


Yianna brings an international flair and a chic eye for design to Atelier Isabelle Rose. Her industry experience includes managing and accounting for some of Houston’s top salons. Yianna is combining that experience, her business degree, and her Mediterranean sensibilities to bring a new experience to the Houston beauty community.

Yianna loves to give back as well, WIGOUT.org is very near and dear to her heart and she often rides on WOOW (WigOut on Wheels) to help fit and donate wigs to people in the Houston area.

Yianna’s love of interior design, combined with her passion for travel and international cuisine, sets her apart as a salon owner and she loves to throw top-notch events for AIR. Guests can experience her influence through the attention to detail, the stunning décor, and the exquisite products and services available at the Atelier.

“I always loved getting my hair done, who would have known one day I would be in it. I am so grateful for being introduced to Wella top Artist and their influences on the industry inspired our creation!”